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Friday, 5 June 2015

This time of year is for many the end of chapter and the start of a new one.  With many students graduating, many people moving away to study or start jobs elsewhere...I feel that at this time of year I find myself wondering what's next!

I remember the dreadful feeling of two years ago, when I was doing my final exams and no clue what to do after that. It is very normal to feel scared and alone at these points in life.  New beginnings, as exciting as they sound, they are awfully scary.

I am no expert and in no way able to give advice but I have a history of 'being too scared'.  What you might have been convinced of for so long may become doubtful at the very last minute.  On the other hand, you might be enticed to take fretful decisions without necessarily thinking out of the box.

As always best thing to do is calm down.  I always grab myself a paper and jot down pros and cons of whatever life changing decisions I am going through.  See what else is out there, don't stop at the first thing you find appealing.  This is the time to see and weigh all of your options.  Don't leave any out because you will regret it.

If you are too confused, talk to someone who can help.  Just speaking your worries out loud may be enough for your brain to process things better.  Plus, external guidance will always be helpful in such situations.  At the end of the end which ever way you choose, don't ever think that the decisions you take to day are for life...the way I did.  That is too stressful and is too huge a burden to carry.  It will never be too late to change to whatever makes you happier.

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