Rita Ora Colourfest | Review

Wednesday, 3 June 2015
Recently launched was a new Rita Ora range for Rimmel London.  It's the Rita Colourfest and is festival themed.  The shades, besides having festival related names (cool), are festival inspired..obviously!  They speak out spring and summer and brighten your life.  I have three of the collection and I am obsessed!

They are one of the cheapest nail polishes on the market.  Will you believe me if I say they only cost £2.99?  Given the price, I was expecting so little but then again Rimmel's nail polish quality has never ceased to impress me.  Rimmel you did it again!

Two coats and you get a good, shiny, gel-like results.  They have a long lasting power; it took around 6 days for it to chip which is impressive considering some more high-end ones chip in 3 days. The brush is wide and easy to use.  You can't really go wrong here.  It is MORE THAN WORTH the money it costs.

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