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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Hola! While I am drowning in my own study-related stress I decided to share some tips that help me in this time.  Not because I'm some kind of a study expert...NONE OF's more like "I've tried that and it worked/ failed!"

1. Organisation.  How important is breathing?? That's how important this is! To start-off make, sure you've got all your notes, papers, whatever it is, organised.  If it's hard copy material that you're dealing with then use different coloured files to colour code by subject and put names on them.  For soft copy material also use a folder system.  Create a folder for each module/subject to group all of it by subject in your computer.  Put names on documents that will guide to what it is in the document without opening it.  It's a known fact that organisation helps you work better.  Just think of all the time you'd save from searching hysterically.

2. Schedule.  I'm a bit of a schedule freak, as I've mentioned before, because it's a way that helps me be less anxious (but that's a whole other thing).  During exam/ study time scheduling will help A LOT.  More importantly, schedule small goals...for example chapter by chapter.  It helps you mentally to visualise what you need to do and when. A way of organising the brain.

3. Note taking.  Now this is more relevant to those writing assignments.  Sometimes you're on the bus, walking down the street, or even in bed and you get this awesome idea.  Perfect timing!  Who said the idea has to be lost?  You can keep a tiny note book or jot them down on your phone so that you can refer to them later when you are actually working.  An application that has changed my life and love using so much for this purpose is Evernote.  It's great because whatever I write on it through my phone I find on my laptop as soon as I switch it on.

4. Where have I left off?  I have a huge problem...I am not able to continue where I have left off without wasting a whole 1hr trying to figure it out.  Recently I have tried this thing which has helped reduce that time.  As I'm about to stop I write down on a post-it what my thoughts of continuation were (if I am writing) and what documents I was using.  I know...I can leave documents open and put my laptop on hibernate, but if you that day after day there will be that time when it will restart on it's own or it becomes too slow to work with.  This technique makes you and your laptop happy.

5. You still exist.  Don't make the same mistakes as me.  Take away all the time you had for yourself to dedicate it to studying does not help reduce stress.  I have a habit of doing that and I always end up forcing myself to get to do things that make me feel happy.  For me yoga does the trick.  I've cut that out entirely as soon as things got crazier which made me feel worst.  I deserve that time, even if it's 20 minutes, I'm sure I'll waste those 20 minutes on youtube anyway!   Stopping for a few minutes to breathe in deeply...make yourself a cup of tea is not a crime.

2 comments on "Study Like a Pro"
  1. I loved this post ! It's perfect timing for me since I'm currently on exams week.

    1. Thanks! Glad it helped. Good luck for your exams.