May Favourites

Sunday, 31 May 2015
I  haven't done one these in ages so it's kind of what I've been loving over the past couple of months. Some new stuff, some random stuff and some we go...

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Prickly Pear - This was the first nail polish I have ever finished...not a drop left...which says a lot about my love towards it.  Since I've stocked up it has been on my nails most of the time.  It's the perfect summer shade (pastel lilac) with a very nice finish.  Two coats and it's done with a good lasting power.

Nyx Gel Eye Liner - I replaced my beloved Maybelline gel liner with this.  It is very creamy, more than the Maybelline I dare say, which makes it easier to apply.  My go to eyeliner...if I've got eyeliner on my upper lid, this is the one I'm sporting.  Being soft and buttery it is very nice to smudge for a nice smokey effect.

YSL Touche Eclat - Another recycled favourite but when spring starts my face won't take anything else but this.  I have been recently having a lot better skin which is why I've been using it more.  I'm sure you've heard about it before, but if you haven't it's very light and glowy and so perfect for this season.  If you're into more coverage foundations this is not for you, and if you'r oily skin I wouldn't suggest it either because it dissolves quickly but a lovely foundation nonetheless.

Anna Sui Eyeshadow palette - To be honest, it is not the best eye shadows that I have used but it has a good selection of lovely shades perfect for a quick, one shade look.  Two of the colours are bronzy toned and they're my currently go-to shades.  I have been using them a lot also because they are easy to blend, even with a finger, and so they are very quick to use.  

Sleek Face Contour Kit Light - I find that the contour shade of this duo is a good balance between orange and ashy undertones and makes it perfect for my skin tone.  It does not give that orange, bronzed look but a shading affect.  The highlighter that comes with it is lovely. Although not the shade of highlighter I usually go for (golden) it's perfect for this season and I must admit I have been using it quite bit.

James Bay - I have been listening to one of his most popular songs 'Hold Back The River' for some time on the radio and stuff.  Only recently have I been intrigued to listen to his whole album....and I'm hooked.  This might be really hideous but I find it reminds me of Tom Odell and Ed Sheeran kind of vibe.  Am I crazy? At least that's what I think of while I'm listening. (now I'm singing in my head).

Granny Smith Apples - This is a bit of a random one but I take one to two apples a day and over the last three months I've switched from my usual red apple to the green apple kind.  It is unclear to me why, but I have always preferred the green apples.  Since we started having green apples around the house (thanks mum) I have become obsessed.

George Yoga Pants - Besides my passion for yoga, so I need them for that, they are so comfortable for every day wear.  I have been loving doing all my studying and writing in these as it feels quite free.  They are very good quality and reasonably priced compared to some other yoga pants I have or seen (€16).

Yoga with Adrienne - Speaking of yoga...I have made it a 2015 goal and I can say I don't regret it.  I really got into it and it makes me feel so amazingly good.  If you're scared of yoga, I was too!  I'm not the flexible type and those poses always put me off but you'll be surprised with what your body can do.  Plus, yoga with Adrienne is perfect because she, besides being lovely, shows other easier options too of really difficult poses.  Grab yourself a yoga mat and stretchy pants and be prepared to get hooked!  Thanks Adrienne

I hope you had a good May and I wish you an even better June! What were your favourites this month?

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