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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Well, we had Valentine's Day this week.  But isn't valentine's day everyday?  Anyway, just for the sake of the day we planned something a bit more special on V day and went for a lovely meal.  Although V day is everyday, because love does not happen on the 14th of February only, it's a day that at least makes you realise and think about your relationships.  It's a good thing to think about relationships because sometimes in our everyday life we tend to NOT think and end up taking each other for granted.  

 I am very extreme when it comes to jewellery.  It's either going to be a statement piece or a dainty piece.  While I do love statement jewellery on plain tops, dresses and shirts (items which I mostly own), this week I've been reaching for an of 2014 purchase.  It is a gold necklace from topshop with a tiny elephant.  Besides having a bit of an obsession with elephants (and fawns), it's so dainty and looks so nice on open shirts, v necks, jumpers.....anything really.

This week's beauty item is threading.  I am not sure if I've spoken about this yet or not but this was the second time I've done it.  Is it painful?....Not as much as everyone says.  Is it worth it?.....Absolutely.  I'll try and pull up a post about my brow journey...quite eventful...but in the mean time I can say this: I have never been so happy with my brows before.  They're honestly picture perfect and there is so much less chance for the beautician to ruin them for you unlike with waxing (something I've experienced).  So if you've been considering threading...doubt no more and just book an appointment.
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