Life Wears Beauty

Sunday, 11 January 2015
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Life this week was spotted, lonely and excluded.  In one diagnosis...I've got Chicken Pox.  Yes, hard to believe, I kept arguing with the doctor that I didn't have Chicken Pox.  The itching shut my mouth soon.  Any ways...that means there was not much to life this week.  But, seeing the positive is always my mantra so I turned this lonely time (which I still have a week left of) into work.  I've been working hard on my Course related work while I have whole days on my hands. 

Since I haven't been out at all, my only attire has been pjs.  There is something I've been living in though.  My cosy, pink, fluffy slippers.  Warm feet = happiness.

No make up products, no skin care routine.  With all the spots all that had to be ditched but there were two things this week that have helped massively. When you've got the itchy virus ironically the rule is DO NOT ITCH.  If you do itch you will probably see the spots scarred for the rest of your life.  That was something I was not going to have and I swear I haven't itched one bit so far.  Two things have helped though.  First is the Uriage Eau Thermale Pruriced Creme which is a soothing literally stops the itching.  Second thing I did was ditched the lush products for the time being and instead used baking soda in my bath.  Yes, baking soda...a kitchen product.  I just lay in the bath for 30 mins and it helped dry up my blisters a lot faster.  [The first time I used baking soda was in my bath...says a lot my cooking experience].
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  1. Oh no! Chicken Pox is the worst! I hope this week goes better for you!