2015 Bucket List

Wednesday, 7 January 2015
It's not one of those sky-diving, bungee jumping bucket lists but a list of things I want to do over this year and hopefully even get to feature on my blog.

Loose Weight - I'm not all that happy with my body weight and I know how good it felt when I was in a better shape.  I want to get back there again.

Home Decor - I can't wait to have my flat in London and make it feel homey and personal.  Hopefully there will be some DIY home decor and get my pinterest obsessions done.

Pass my Master's degree - Well, I sure hope I do and I am doing my best to do so.  Definitely a box I want to check this year.

Photography - I want to take better pictures for my blog.  Of course this is not easy with a bad camera but I will make cheap work as best as possible.

Make Budgeting and Shopping Work - I am a bit of a shopaholic but need to get my addictions aside because this year is a big one even financially.  Since, I like trying new things and with a beauty and fashion blog you sort of need to try things I will keep a very strict budget of few euros per month that I can spend or put aside to purchase something I want to try a lot.  I feel like I'm going back to my student days...but I have too.

Make Yoga A Thing - Last year with my anxiety yoga was something I turned to once in a while and helped a real lot. So, this year I want to make this a thing.  Because my life is so busy and stressful I want to make sure I get some yoga done often to keep my body in check and use that yoga mat I purchased.
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