2015 & All that Shall Come With It

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year! 1st day of the year already over..364 to go.  But don't get discouraged as yet.  I'm not the one for resolutions, so I've got none of those to share.  However, I've got goals and 2015 is a big one for me.

What's this thing you're talking about you ask? I'm moving out...from my family house and my country.  Come next July, me and my boyfriend are moving to London.  In the mean time I will be finishing my Master's dissertation which I should submit by August.  You get my year now? Scary, busy, stressful but exciting and I'm so looking forward to the whole experience.  That is why 2015 is a big one...a new beginning awaits.  

I do apologize beforehand if there will be times when posts won't go up.  Although, I will do everything possible to keep the blog up and running as smoothly as possible, some times circumstances can become complicated. I will also try and take you with me on this journey by giving updates...I know that a lot of people go through this and it's comforting to read or hear about it from someone else.

I wish you all a happy new year and may this year be the one where you will achieve your goals.  Keep fighting..remember...No pain no gain. 

3 comments on "2015 & All that Shall Come With It"
  1. Happy New Year! xx

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