Blogmas Day 6 | Gift Guide for Him £20+

Saturday, 6 December 2014
Last of the Gift Guides for Christmas 2014....the Gift Guide for him if you want to spend over £20.  If your budget is lower than that, then check out yesterday's post...if not you're on the right page.  

Those are some ideas there for your guy, friend, brother or dad.  One last suggestion.  While girls, I feel options are more open and they are easier to find gifts for, guys are a bit harder.  The best thing would be to know the person you're buying the gift for very well and would have by now taken up some of the hints and wishes that he unconsciously shared.  Look for that one thing he really wants and...bam...there will be one other happy guy on Christmas.  On that last note, talk to you all tomorrow.  
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