Blogmas Day 3 | Gift Guide for Her £20+

Wednesday, 3 December 2014
Yesterday we have seen some of the under £20 options that you can buy any female.  Today follows the same format but with higher budgets...the only limit is not less than £20.  So there are definitely some more options.  I will start cheapest to most expensive and I hope this gets your Christmas shopping going. 

One problem with buying such gifts is being able to wrap them and give them away instead of putting them into your make-up stash.  A really good selection and a good price range too.  Of course a lot more options are available, but it would takes us 'til Christmas '15 to go through all of them.  To make things easier though, below are some of the websites that you get browse.  

1 comment on "Blogmas Day 3 | Gift Guide for Her £20+"
  1. The Laura Mercier gift set looks absolutely beautiful! xxx