Blogmas Day 17 | Santa's Cleansing Conditioner by DECIEM

Wednesday, 17 December 2014
This will sound weird but I've got a Cleansing Conditioner that looks like Christmas.  Well that's the first thing I thought of when I saw it for the first time.  I'm talking about the Grow Gorgeous - Cleansing Conditioner by DECIEM.  It's the same company I have spoken about when I reviewed that glorious hand cream.  Here are my top reasons for also falling love with this product. 

1. Cleansing Conditioners Can Work - I have tons of hair.  It's thick and voluminous which is why cleansing conditioners never worked for me.  I need a lot of conditioning power to keep the knots away and that is why I stirred away from this kind of two in one products that are meant to make life easier but instead they only make it more knotty.  This, however, has good conditioning power and my hair felt soft and great as if I used my normal conditioner.  Plus, it maintained its cleansing powers too. 

2. Prismatic Hair - This product contains shimmer speckles which once the hair is dry give a very nice shiny look.  Shiny not in the 'Edward Cullen' sense, but it enhances your natural hair colour and shades that it comes with.  

3. Options - Not a one size fits all product.  Depending on you hair colour, you choose the cleansing conditioner you want.  This makes sense since one of its jobs is to enhance hair colour so it needs to be more specific than any other cleansing conditioner. 

4. Fast - Needless denying it...Cleansing Conditioners are handy if you're running out of time.  One scrub does all.  

Yes, I Rebecca, have found a cleansing conditioner for my thick hair....this does call for celebration.  It also means that you should try it out, or better, give it as a gift to someone.  It's a very different product and very handy for any busy woman who needs her hair to look amazing in a blink of an eye. 

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