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Monday, 15 December 2014
This was not the post planned for today but in the light of what happened in Sydney and Belgium a lot of thoughts crossed my mind about this time of year.

Christmas is a time of joy for many, a time of love, peace and family.  But not for all.  In all the festive cheer and preparations we may forget all those who do not have a family, those who live their life in war and those who do not feel loved or respected.  For these there is no Christmas cheer but a daily battle that does not fade with mistletoe and Christmas lights.

For those hostages who were held against their will with flashing images of their lives, and the families of those who lost their loved ones in the crises, Christmas will not be the same.

This sounds really sad, but it is good that amidst all the fun and excitement we stop and think about those people who were stripped from the opportunity of living such it Christmas, birthday, New Year, Thanksgiving.  And if we cannot do much to change this, the least we could do is to avoid being the ones who strip people off their joy.

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