Blogmas Day 10 | Top 5 Christmas Movies

Wednesday, 10 December 2014
Nothing beats a good Christmas movie at this time of year...a blanket and the biggest mug of tea you can make yourself.  Every Christmas I run a movie marathon and watch my favourite films and may be ones that I have never watched, or the latest Christmas movies.  However, there are five that I always watch, no matter what.  You can say they are my Top 5 Christmas movies and these are the ones:

3 comments on "Blogmas Day 10 | Top 5 Christmas Movies"
  1. I feel like Polar Express is everyone's favorite, it's such a great movie ! I loved reading your picks and I've recently done a similar post in my blog !

  2. love the polar express!! great tips! XOXO, daphny

  3. Thanks! Its one of the best one! :) xx