Blogmas Day 1 | It's Blogmas Again

Monday, 1 December 2014
*Breathe In & Out* BLOGMAS IS HERE!!! I can't even put my excitement in words. I love Christmas so much (I'm literally clenching my fists in excitement while thinking what to write).  This is the second year of Blogmas on my blog, which has made me an even bigger Christmas enthusiast than I was before.  

For the next 25 days...that's till the 25th of December/ Christmas Day...this website will be overcome by the daily festive posts.  A range of posts will be up, from gift guides (a lot of readers, like myself, wait eagerly for gift guides) to tutorials for Christmas looks.  

And if you're not that exited about Christmas yet, I'm going to make it my job to get you going on the Christmas track ASAP!   

Watch out for tomorrow's post...Gift Guide for Her | Under £20.  So if you haven't started your shopping yet tomorrow should give you some ideas.  

Until you all xx

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