The Ideal Wait to Christmas

Wednesday, 12 November 2014
I'm not going to complain about the chocolate Christmas calenders, I like those too, but it how much better would waiting for Christmas be if it is accompanied by a storm of Ciate nailpolishes or benefit make-up.  If anyone had to ask me, "What Christmas Calender to you wish for dear?"  I'd say....Here is my top 5. 

Well, I mean, who wouldn't want this?!  Its all kinds of perfection there is no better way to wait for Christmas than getting a small deed from Jo Malone. There will be no problem of smelling nice on Christmas day.  Anyone would like to offer to get me this? Looking at the price tag..I doubt it but its still awesome.  

As a nail-polish addict this would be heaven.  If you're starting your nail-polish addiction this is quite worth it and you will shades that last you a year.  You just need this in your life.  

This appeals to make-up lovers.  Benefit is one of the best make-up brands out there and this is a nice way of trying out a number of their products.  By the time its Christmas day your make-up will be over-flowing...#thedream.

If you are more of a jewellery fan this might be more your thing.  A combination of necklaces, earrings and bracelets all simple and cute.  Will be useful to pop on the Christmas dresses.

A necklace and a set of different pendants to go with it would be cool.  Plus, the pendants are so cute. This is a perfect Christmas calender for a teen, but I wouldn't mind it either.
2 comments on "The Ideal Wait to Christmas"
  1. Okay so there's a million advent calendars to choose from, but which one does one actually choose? I can't pick! :] // ☼ ☯

  2. Yeah...these would be my top 5 picks from all the calendars out there. If I then had to choose one, it would be the Jo Malone :)