My Christmas Wishlist

Wednesday, 26 November 2014
Last week I posted a Christmas wishlist that features things that might be a bit expensive for the people who need to purchase those gifts.  So here is a more realistic list of things I wish for Christmas without the need for anyone to become bankrupt. They're not only things I wish for Christmas, but may also serve as a couple of ideas of you might want to get for someone.  [More on gift shopping soon to come...]

Beauty Gifts

Fashion & Accessories Gifts

If you don't care what I wish for Christmas, well then you can easily use this as a gift guide because I'm sure most girls will love these gifts.  Meanwhile, watch out for a more detailed Gift Guides for both him and her...
2 comments on "My Christmas Wishlist"
  1. I love this! All of the Beauty items you picked is what I want too! X

  2. Thanks! :) They are awesome items...make good gifts! x