A/W 14 Trend Series - Beauty Edit

Wednesday, 3 September 2014
Seasons change as will our make-up bag contents.  Let's hit it with the beauty trends of A/W 14 then so we can figure out what should be swapped or kept.

1.  Natural Sculpt.  Natural looks pretty much donned our S/S so you can keep your foundations in there.  The emphasis this season is more on the natural sculpt of the face.  Natural highlighters are important to use on the areas that are hit by the light and a good contouring powder.  To keep it more natural, if you are fair find bronzers that have a greyish tone.  Not much else is added to the face leaving quite the pale effect.

2. Lashy. If you like false lashes this is your season.  If you're not that into false lashes then invest in a mascara that makes your lashes bigger and longer, like the Maybelline New York Falsies Big Eyes.  A pair of lash curlers can also be handy.

3. Be a Ballerina. Shades of pink, lilac and taupe were in every make-up artist's kit.  They should also be in yours.  Just a wash on your eyelids for a dainty look.  If you're investing in anything to fulfil this purpose I suggest my personal favourite Sleek Oh So Special Palette.  This not only has these shades but also the bronze and brown tones that are the standard autumnal shades.

4. Strike with a Flash. If you don't have dainty in you, then you can hop on the flashy lids bus.  In this case don't throw away your brights, especially the blues, purples and khaki shades and liners.  Flash the colours in a bold flick and make the statement.  If you're brave enough to wear this trend I applause and suggest that you get hold of the Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Liner.  Various shades to choose from, Radium will be bang on trend.

5. The Grunge is Back. If you don't do point number 3 or 4 well then maybe you like this one.  Black eyeliner on the upper and lower waterline and then a smudged effect on the lower lash line as if you've slept in with your make-up (which is a bad thing to do so don't get any ideas!!).  A suitable liner for the job would be Maybelline New York Master Drama Kohl Liner.  Easily smudged for the effect indeed.

May our shopping lists start to grow and our make-up bags overflow.  Watch out for the fashion series coming up.
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