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Wednesday, 11 June 2014
Summer is creeping upon us faster than I thought and for many it also means that they're closer to their holiday plans.  As for me, this year, I have no trips planned so far as I need to save for a huge event (which I will let you on in later in time).  So I thought I'd get in the mood by sharing some travel tips for packing efficiently for holidays.

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I am an organisation freak when it comes to packing.  At that point my sanity depends on checklists and post-its because I am not quite a fan of having just a luggage of stuff for my use.  These are some organisational tips for packing.

Tip #1 - Allow up to one special outfit, for a special dinner or outing that you will be doing. Other than that...

Tip #2 - ...think in terms 'options maximisation' .  Don't think about taking whole outfits that can only work together but take things that are 'neutral' and you can easily mix an match.  This way you will end up taking less and can actually have several options once you're there rather than having to live off pre-planned outfits.

Tip #3 - Get an idea of the weather in the place that you are going to. That way you can avoid over-packing useless things.  However, be careful!  If you are going to a warmish place I suggest you still pack something, like a black blazer, that you can wear on everything if it gets a little bit more chilly.  Inversely, if its a cold place to take a couple of light shirts for inside as it may be quite cosy inside.

Tip #4 - Reuse & Recycle. I don't mean this in the most disgusting way of course.  What I tend to do which works quite well is use the evening outfit, or just part of it, the next morning.  Because when I am on holiday I tend to do the relaxed activities in the evenings the clothes remain practically clean. Using them the next morning is a good way of reusing and economising on luggage space.

Tip #4 - Use compartments. I like having all clothes separate for a more organised luggage, especially even the trip is not long enough to stay unpacking.  Cloth bags are really good for the job because they can be easily squished and do not take any space at all.  Also it is important to take a couple extra bags to put the dirty clothes in their.  A great...cheap...investment are the travel cases from MUJI.  These have two sides, one where you can put your clothes and the other side to put the dirty ones in. Clever! Also you there are flat, hard cases that you can use for clothes that you don't want creased.

Tip #5 - Take the checklist with you so that you can re-pack and organise the same way.

5 tips to reassure efficient packing with the best fashionable options.  Bearing in mind that the more luggage space going there, the more purchases I can come back with...

2 comments on "A Luggage for a Wardrobe - Travel Tips 1"
  1. Oh thanks so much for this post! I'm about to start packing soon and I always find it so hard to squeeze everything in one bag. I'll definitely do the checklist for the coming back too :))
    Would you by any chance like to follow each other on Bloglovin?

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

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