Week #9 ft. February Favourites

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Hey there!  First Sunday of March today... which means February is over (obviously)... which means favourites time.  Now, being completely honest, this month I did not experiment with a lot of new things.  So I do not feel like I have had new favourites of any kind, except for the Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation.

I am not claiming that this is the best foundation because I find it very hard to label any foundation as being the best.  However, I found myself reaching for it in my make-up drawer more often than not.  What I like best about this foundation is the formula of it.  I don't know why, but before trying it I thought that it would have a sticky and cakey feel so I was surprised when I felt how soft and light it is on the skin.  It feels so good, I cannot find the proper words to describe it.  I must add, though, that it does not have very good coverage so I do end up using quite a bit of product to even my skin-tone properly.  But on the whole, I like it a lot and I did find my self picking it up out of my make-up drawer.

Now I am excited for March, because it is my birthday (wink) and because Spring starts and I love Spring especially the weather...not extremely hot but cool and breezy while the sun is out and the glum, grey days are gone. I hope so at least.  I shall also put my mind there this month because it is what will determined how much I will be stressed over April and May due to my studies.  So if your exams or deadlines are approaching soon, get your mind to it because now is the last chance to pace everything well and not be overly stressed about it. :) If you are not sure how to do this here is my Exam Time: Anxiety & Panic which talks exactly about this and where I share a few strategies that I use.

I will talk to you on Wednesday :) xx
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