Week #10

Sunday, 9 March 2014
Hey there! I hope you are all doing fine. It has been a good week for me as it started out with two school holidays, meaning that I had a very long weekend, time to rest and get some good amount of work done.  But before getting work done, on Monday morning, I could not help but check out the amazing fashion on the Oscars' red carpet. My favourite dress, with out no doubt, was that of Lupita Nyong'o in Prada.  My favourite 'face', in beauty terms, was Cate Blanchett's...she looked absolutely stunning. Natural, flawless and glowing.

(If fairies exist I would think these two are in the circle)

At the end of this week (Friday) I had the opportunity to present an event with the presence of the President of Malta. Which was a very exciting for me. But now I am off to sleep otherwise I won't make it to work tomorrow and that would be bad since I'm saving up for a short holiday in Karl Lagerfeld's hotel in Macau. Haha...I wish I will leave that for my dreams to plan.

Good night and have a great week. ;-)  xx
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