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Wednesday, 5 March 2014
Hey there! I hope you are all well.  Last week I have missed my series of S/S14 trends (sorry) but we had left off with The Clash of Tribes which followed the first of the series Back to Art Class.

While it is very exciting to be looking at the A/W 14-15 fashion shows and make out the trends that will make the season, we need to go back to the S/S 14 Catwalks to decide what should and should not make it into our wardrobes.  So these are snapshots from the runway which feature today's trend; florals.

I can say that this is my absolute favourite pattern to wear.  I love florals...I do...I do...I do. Which makes me very excited for S/S 14.  The majority of the floral patterns seen are very colourful and life-like looking as well as part of a monochrome effect.  So here are some ideas that you can find in...let's say....a lot more affordable shops, inspired by this look.

1. Zara - Floral Print Dress
2. New Look - Light Blue Textured Floral Skater Dress
3. New Look - Blue Floral Print Crotchet Floral T-Shirt Dress

4. Topshop - Double Collar Floral Shell Top
5. Zara - Floral Print Crop Top
6. H&M - Chiffon Blouse

7. Topshop - Floral Button-Through Midi Skirt By Whitepepper
8. Mango - Neoprene-effect Floral Skirt
9. Topshop - Tall Floral Skort

What more can remind you of Spring than florals right?  I hope you enjoyed this post and I will talk to you soon.

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