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Monday, 17 March 2014
After covering some of the most wearable S/S 14 Fashion trends, I shall hop on to Beauty.  So let's revisit our makeup bags together and see what we need to swap and what we can keep.

Face - The 'no makeup, glowing look' is in next season.  Keeping it natural with very minimal coverage or with the most natural coverage ever possible.  To fulfil this I do suggest, first and foremost, to adopt a good skincare regime which will give your skin it's natural radiance as well a good skin look which will not require makeup.  This way, with just a dollop of concealer where needed (in my case, under my eyes and I suggest the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer) you will get the perfect S/S 14 looking face.  On occasions when you will need that little bit of coverage I recommend the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation or Nivea BB Cream if you simple need to even out your skin tone. For glow maximisation also put in there a highlighter that will add to your heavenly radiance.

P.S. Also invest in a good SPF, besides protecting your face from harmful sun rays that can cause various things that I'm sure are not in anyone's Book of Beauty, it is a good way of controlling one's tan.

Eyes - Eyeshadow first, just a sheer wash of a shade is enough this season, and the best colour to go for is blue.  No need to elaborate or go full on, we're still in the theme of 'natural' here.  To keep the glow factor going on use cream eye shadows like the Maybelline New York Color Tattoo 24hr-Gel Cream in Lights in Purple.  Cream shadows are also very easy to blend with your finger and quick to put on.
While keeping it natural with the eyeshadow, with the eyeliner things are a little bit more out there.  What I mean is, if you're going to use eyeliner then USE eyeliner.  Enhancing the outer 'V' of the eye is basically the purpse BUT make sure that it does not end up being a cat's eye.  Perfect for this is the Maybelline New York Master Kajal Khol Liner.  If, like me, your're not a big fan of such a bold statement with the liner, then you can still enhance the outer 'V' of your eye using a dark shadow and smoking it out, also, you always have to option to decide for yourself how graphic and defined you want your outer 'V' to be.
For Lashes then, twiggy lashes are the trend.  So a mascara that adds volume but still make them look sparse is what you are after if you are into this look.  The L'Oreal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara is a good fit for this job.

Lips - Crack out those bright reds and oranges because it is what you'll be wearing. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Of course, if you're going to pop the bright light on your lips then make sure that the rest of the face is as natural as can be.  Don't go fancy on your eyes or heavy on the cheeks...it will simply look like a mess putting the on-looker into a dilemma on where their eyes should be.  My absolute favourite lipstick that simply checks all boxes for me in the perfect orange lipstick department is the ARTDECO Perfect Colour Lipstick in 08 Wild Time.  I just can't wait to wear it again.

I hope this simple walk-through was helpful.  Before I end the post, I need to say, trends are just a guide they are not the seasonal law of how you should look.  The only way you should look is comfortable.  :) I will talk to you soon.

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  1. Ooh, I'm really loving the more natural look for s/s 2014! Better skin means you can get away with less base products but like you say never skip the SPF as you may just end up burnt rather than lightly tanned! I've definitely been putting more effort into my skincare regime of late and opting for products with SPF in! xx

    The Miss Beauty Saver Blog

  2. So am I and that is why I do emphasise a good skincare routine, it just makes all the difference. Even when buying makeup products it's good to have them with a bit of SPF. xx Thanks for commenting :)