Brief: Reason for a non-proper post today

Friday, 7 February 2014
Hey there!  This is a VERY short post that I am doing while waiting to get my make-up done.  Briefly I will explain the reasons for me missing the usual post of tonight.

In a nutshell I am talking part, as a backing singer, in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest.  This is a contest from which a team and song will be chosen to go represent Malta in Denmark next May for the Eurovision Song Contest.  This is very EXCITING for me and while I've been dying to share the news with you guys I was refraining from doing so due to 'protocol' issues.  But now I can say it.  This week has been so busy with rehearsals at the venue and tonight is our first show.  I have been having my hair and make-up done for a million times, which so nice and can't wait to share the few pics I took.

I'm also part of great team and am so happy to be sharing this with them. Finally, I really believe in the song, Ten, which talks about ten ways of getting to a complete life and be the best you can be.  Which, I think, is a very nice message.  :)

I hope you forgive me for not posting today but I know you understand ;) xx
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