January Favourites

Friday, 31 January 2014
Hey there!  Can you believe it? First month of the year is already over.  This means that it's time for the usual monthly favourites most, the first of 2014...exciting.  If you have followed my blog over the last month you may have noticed that I have been SUPER busy going and 200km/h leaving very little time for experimentation and discovery of new products.  But, I will share with you the very few favourites of this month anyway.

1.  The first is MAC Woodwinked Eyeshadow which, being totally honest, is not solely this month's favourite in fact everyone raves about this all the time.  However, this month I have been more into natural or brown toned looks for some reason and have found myself using this a lot.  It's antique gold colour is perfect to wash your eyelids with in an evening look.  Then, when blended, the colour looks different and I find it great to enhance the contour of my eyes in a natural typed look.  [In fact it is featured in my everyday look post].

2.  Next is a recent purchase, I think before Christmas...I'm not sure, from ASOS and when buying it I knew I was going to fall in love.  I'm talking about the Models Own Lip Crayon (Ravishing Red). This Autumn/ Winter I have been in love with these kind of dark, deep, berry toned reds, so this was a great addition to my collection.  Besides that, the formula of it is amazing.  It feels really good on the lips and does not make them feel dry after a couple of hours that you would have been with it.  It also has a glossy finish but not too glossy that looks extremely shiny and bang in your face, which is great because I hate very shiny bold colours.  Being a lip crayon it is also very easy to apply which is perfect if you're doing your make-up in a rush as often is for me.

3. The last beauty related favourite of the month has been the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lash Extending Mascara part of my Elizabeth Arden gift set in I got last Christmas.  I really like this because it is not clumpy and adds length to my lashes without making my eyes extra dark.  Love the effect and application of it especially how it looks with glamorous looks.

4. This is a fashion related favourite.  In Malta, this month, it was super cold with a lot of EXTREMELY windy days.  So, just as a protection to avoid sickness and all-over-the-place hairstyles I have been wearing the cutest hat every with the matching gloves.  These are from Primark, and they are in Navy colour.  So, warm, cosy and cute.  *Kiss hat and gloves* we have together beaten the cold fronts.

5. This is the last favourite, a bit different then the usual mention.  As I have said, this month has been particularly busy and quite dull and lonely.  But, with me I have had Tom Odell asking me whether it 'all makes sense' when nothing wasn't, telling me to grow old with him and that it's a long way down.  Maybe not the best lyrics to listen to during such stressful moments, but who cares when it's Tom Odell?!  I simply love his music, it moves me every time I hear it, no matter how many times that is.  And this month I have been extremely obsessed with him, but don't worry nothing that a bit of therapy can't cure.  Jokes apart, if you haven't listened to his album yet, well, you should.

Very few favourites this month, and now I will start making the list for February.  Tell me about any of your favourites that I should try in the comments down below and I will talk to you soon :) xx
2 comments on "January Favourites"
  1. Nice favorites! That mac eyeshadow looks very pretty !x

  2. Thanks :) It is pretty, being an expensive brand, if there is anything of MAC to invest in that is definitely one of them :) x