Exam Time: Anxiety & Panic

Wednesday, 22 January 2014
This is different from the usual fashion or beauty blogs but for once I thought I should do this because I, for one, love reading or hearing other people talk about this; it makes me feel understood. I know exactly the event that triggered this, well actually a myriad of events that happened around the same span of time that gave me anxiety in different situations. I'm not going into the personal details of this but knowing that other people might me going through this especially now during exam time, I would like to share some 'strategies' to keep calm or avoid major anxiety especially during this time of year. 

1. In study situations the first thing I do is make a general plan with goals....small goals.  This means that I do not simply tell myself that I need to finish this credit/ subjrct by next week but divide the topics and plan what I will be doing day day. Or if it is a book I need to finish, I plan the chapters I'm doing each day. This way I have a structured plan and it feels a lot motivitating when I manage to reach those daily goals.

2.  Because this plan needs to guide you and make you less anxious it means that the goals should be realistic because if not you will only get demotivated when you do not manage. Also make sure that your daily plan includes breaks...don't think you will do without them.

3. Find something that keeps you calm to do during these breaks. It can be some music that you can also hear while studying or something you like doing as a set break. For example, I really enjoy reading blogs. So, I set myself some breaks where I stop from everything I would be doing and read some blogs to unwind and calm down.

4. If you're stressed already about the studying, aviod other situations that will add to the anxiety. I'm not saying don't do anything else other than studying...actually I'm saying the total opposite....do other things but things that calm you and set you in the right place to continue working.

I'm sure that these steps for everyone but they might work for others as they work for me. Last deadline, which I was talking about the previous two weeks, was a lot harder than usuak because of the misplanning I made. So it seems like my sanity does depend a bit on these four simple steps :-P 

I hope this helped at least one person, at least I've done something positive with my issues. If there are other strategies you want to share feel free to do so. Well if you just want to comment opr share what you go through I won't mind at all.

I will talk to you on Friday when I'll be back with the usual fashion and beauty posts. :-)  xx

8 comments on "Exam Time: Anxiety & Panic"
  1. Stress & anxiety are horrible things, so its definitely good that you're figuring out how to deal with them! Its not easy, but I hope you get through it!! Good luck :)


    1. Yes, they can be very horrible which is why I felt like I should share what I do to fight them. Maybe someone going through the same thing has not realised the way yet. I sure hope so too :) Thanks :) I just read your link, its really good and helped too thanks :)

  2. I like the point about realistic goals... You're very organized. Very nice post

  3. Loved the post. Good luck and hopefully your not too stressed after venting about it. That always seems to help.
    xx, High Heels and Tutus

    1. Thank you :) I agree, venting always helps..in fact I do feel lighter now :) xx

  4. Great post, I sometimes get anxiety and it's not fun!