December Favourites..Last of 2013

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Hey there! I hope you all had a good Christmas (celebrate it) and a good new year. Even though I did a blogpost on all my 2013 favourites last Monday, I just cannot skip my December favourites. This month I have loved a myriad of things worth mentioning besides beauty and fashion related ones.

Starting with the beauty favourites:

1. Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation (ivory) has been my favourite foundation this month. The formula is really light but what I love most about it is that it remains looking flawless for a good amount of time. I also manage to obtain good coverage by first applying some on the areas where I want more coverage (I dab it on the skin not swipe it over it), then I re-apply over it using the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.

2. Speaking of Real Techniques brushes, my second favourite is their blush brush. A soft brush, a joy to use. I use it for contouring or blusher according to the effect that I want to create, as it is also perfect for applying product in the hollows of your cheek.

3. Having pamper evenings is one of the joys of winter. This next favourite has been a part of this all month. This is the Body Shop Coconut Body Butter. I do not apply massive amounts of it because the smell can be quite strong , but I love coconut which is why I love it even though it is usually a smell related to summer.

4. Another recent purchase and new addition to my skincare routine is the Good Things Eye Cream.  With this eye cream I have seen overnight improvement reducing both my puffy eyes and horrendous dark circles.  Therefore, I love you my dear All Good Things Eye Cream *kiss*.

5. Something special happens in December.  You know Christmas, that day every one waits for when you also get a lot of presents.  Yeah that's it!  Well I made sure that I spread the Christmas spirit over my nails. If you don't know what I mean see my previous blog post; blogmas 10 - Christmas nails . All month I have used the two nail polishes featured in this mail look that is Barry M Matte Nail Paint (Crush) and M&S Limited Collection (Shimmering Gold). I have always been a fan of Barry M nail polishes and this is one of my favourite colours for nails for A/W 13/14 however it is the first time that I tried a M&S nail polish and I have been quite surprised by the quality. It does not chip so easily, as a matter of fact it is quite long lasting. Plus, the colour is perfect for Christmas.

Fashion favourites:

6.  My favourite thing to wear was a Primary Shirt with a sophisticated collar and in a colour trend of the season, cranberry. I wore this shirt tucked in a skirt for a Christmas eve look and then enjoyed poking the collar out over a jumper for a nice, Christmas, casual look.

7.  This month was full of heel-wearing events; dinners, parties.  My favourite pair of heels to wear was black court shoes from Clarks. Even though they have quite a high heel they are very comfortable while being very chic and formal. I must say I did get a compliment about them every time I wore them.

Besides all the beauty and fashion favourites, this month, the thing I LOVED MOST OF ALL was CHRISTMAS (Duuhhh...obvious!).  This gave me a lot of other things that I loved this month, besides presents (wink); decorations, Christmas shopping, gift wrapping, chocolate eating, and vlogmas and blogmas.  I enjoyed seeing all your, fellow bloggers, blogmas and vlogmas posts.

Sadly this is over and this is an official goodbye to 2013!

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  5. Love the makeup look! The red lipstick looks great on you.

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