November Favourites

Monday, 2 December 2013
Can't believe that we are now in the last month of the year.  Time flew so quickly and it's starting to feel a bit like "Didn't I just do a favourites post last week?". Yes, this is the NOVEMBER FAVOURITES.  I have to be completely honest, I did not try a lot of new products from last month and I didn't change my favourites much so this month's list is definitely a short one. 

1. Maybelline Baby lips (cherry). This is a red tinted balm (which will be featured in a make up look soon).  It has a good formula and is very moisturising.  Of course it is not very pigmented, and not long lasting but as it is very easy to apply it will not be a problem to re-apply as you go along.  I have been using this on it's own mainly in everyday, natural looks and also over red lipsticks that are drying so as to add a bit of moisture without losing the colour.  

2. E.L.F. blush (mellow mauve). As we step into Autumn I mellow down the glow in my make-up looks especially on my cheeks.  So I swapped my rosy, glowing pinks with this mellow mauve blush.  Sometimes, especially when I'm going dark with my make-up look in general and I just don't want everything to look too much, I using this mixed with a bit of bronzer and blend it out well as a contour.  I love the pigmentation and formula of this blush and it is very cheap too.  

3. Lumberjack shoes from Bata.  I got these last March for my Birthday and they have been through a lot with me, I mean did come with me to see Olly Murs and 1D besides the many rainy days they've seen.  However, they are still absolutely fine (I do take good care of them) and so as soon as the first rain was forecasted I took them out to accompany me through another Autumn/ Winter and make sure my feet don't get wet (which I hate a lot).  If you don't own a should.  They do take a bit of getting used to because they are a bit heavier than normal shoes and that dark brown leather bit might hurt until it loosens a bit, but once it all takes the shape of your feet you'll be living in them. 

4. This favourite is a bit different, and it is music.  This month I have been loving One Direction's Story of My Life (I just love these boys) and Gary Barlow's Let Me Go.  I have been listening to these songs over and over again and I know that I'm stopping any time soon.  

So there you have it, my very short list of November favourites.  And now that November is over LET THE FESTIVITIES BEGIN. xx
2 comments on "November Favourites"
  1. Lovely favourites! I'm really curious about those baby lips :)

  2. Thanks :) They're really good, at least I like them :) and they're cheap too :) x