Blogmas 8 - Christmas Must-Haves

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas is in week's time guys.  This is the time, if you're an organised and obsessed person like me, to make sure that all your presents are bought and all your plans are set.  If you're not like me, then I leave it up to you to do all of that Christmas eve.  But I know that everybody has those thing that they have to have for it to be Christmas as they know it.  So, this is a collage of the things that I will surely have in a week's time.

And by 'you' I mean happiness, love, peace family and the joy of all of it sinking in with the warmth that it brings.  After all that is the point of Christmas. 

 Haha, this went a little deeper than usual, but I really wanted to share that with you guys.  I really hope that you have a Merry Christmas.  And if you haven't bought any presents yet....RUN!!!! 

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