Blogmas 6 - What A Week Ramble!

Sunday, 15 December 2013
This post is a bit of a ramble but it is a roundup of a very special week that I had.  This week I've graduated.  Saying it now is not so exciting anymore, and even before I seemed to forget what a milestone this was going to be in my life.  However, being in it all has made me realise how special this is, and how lucky I am to have gotten so far in my life.

It is the day that I have looked up to all my life, maybe at times even questioning whether I will every get there.  So, being called on that stage and given a certificate that officially closes a chapter in my life, a journey that started 3 years ago with a lot of hard work, was the best feeling ever.  

It wasn't easy getting there.  I have been through some issues caused by the pressure and stress of it all, but I have made it regardless of all of that.  The key is to never give up, believing in yourself and surrounding yourself with the right people.  

My family has been a great part of this journey, and their love and support was the warmth that I needed when all seemed too hard to achieve.  My boyfriend was my rock who made sure I kept going no matter what and an ear to all my doubts, stresses and thoughts.  Finally, my friend, that I have made over these three years.  We've been through deep lows to massive highs, good and bad together and being in this together meant that we could share the burden and understand each other in ways no one else would.  

So, I'm really glad to have these people in my life, who not only did I celebrate this great day with but to whom I dedicate my achievement.  I know, at least I hope, that one day I will top this but meanwhile I cannot ignore how important and meaningful this is to me.  

I love you all :) xx 
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