Blogmas 4 - Gift Guide For Him

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Last week I did the Gift Guide for her,  this week it's for him and we all know boys are a bit more tricky to buy gifts for.  So these are some of the ideas that I have and things that I usually for my dad and boyfriend (and other things that I just know guys will love).

1. Clothing, as for the girls' gift guide, is a bit more personal which is a good gift for those you are close to and know well.  I like getting clothes for both my boyfriend and my dad.  Here are some ideas from jumpers, to jackets.  

2. Fragrance and cologne are a very nice gift if you know that person well and you know what kind of smells they like.  It's a good present for a dad or boyfriend and there are many out there within a varied price range.  However, I do suggest that you go and get this from a shop and online.  I know that somethings may be cheaper online but you can't really smell them through your computer so it's not a very good idea.

3.  Every boy's dream right now; xbox one, PlayStation 4 and a bunch of cool games.  Obviously the xbox one and the PlayStation 4 may be a bit too expensive for one person to buy it. So, if you know that your brother, or whoever, wants it really badly then suggest that everyone pitches in some money to get him such an awesome gift.

4.  Try and get hints of music and games that he wants along the year.  He will be very happy to find a CD that he has been wanting for a while.  Maybe even a pair of headphones to also go with the console, to make sure he leaves you in peace (haha).

5.  Find a shop that sells leathered accessories and get him a nice leather wallet.  The wallet is an accessory that any man uses.  It is a perfect gift for any classy man, dad or grandpa.

6. If he is a reader, then get him some good books. He will definitely appreciate them.  You can also look into the biographies/ autobiographies to see if there are any of the people he admires and loves so much. 

7. Watches are so chic and an important accessory, which is why it is a very nice gift.  You can find a range of brands with a range of prices so it can be an easily affordable gift to many.  Here are some cool watches that you might like and want to look for look alikes.   

The key to the perfect gift for a guy is to really know the guy and what he likes, because not all guys like games and not all guys will be excited with a leather wallet.  So, know the guy and take the hints.  They do tend to send out a lot.  If you're totally lost, then think about what he needs may be he needs a new jacket, some books, or a new phone.

I hope this made it a little easier.  If you have other ideas, please let me know.  
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