Blogmas 2 - Gift Guide for Her #2

Thursday, 5 December 2013

I have already started this gift guide, last Tuesday, with some ideas for beauty gifts.  Today I will give some fashion gift ideas.

Fashion Gift Ideas

1. Usually when I buy clothing for gifts they are for people that are really close to me and I know them and what they like extremely well. I also know what they need or what they want, ex. a coat.  A garment that normally everyone loves, and it is quite a winter must-have, is the jumper.  So here is some cute jumper ideas for gifts. 

2. Another fashion staple is the handbag.  There are so many different styles, sizes, colours, that no one has enough bags.  In fact I find this to be the perfect gift for a friend, a cousin or whoever. These are some bags that are on trend right now. 

It is important that when you give bags as gift you take into consideration the age of that person so that you choose something appropriate, like bag 4. is not a bag for a teen.  

I hope you liked my Gift Guide for her #2.  If you missed the first one, Blogmas - Gift Guide For Her #1, it is a guide for beauty gifts with some links there too.  Watch out for more Blogmas posts. 
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