2013 In A Nutshell

Tuesday, 31 December 2013
It feels like 2013 slipped right through my fingers because it went by so fast.  So many things happened, some of which seem to have existed only in dream-form, some were fulfilling, and others were extremely stressful.  But, guess what, I survived (surprise!).

2013 started with great stress as I was in the midst of my dissertation while studying for my January exams, the peak of it, and I didn't even have enough time to enjoy my holidays. But, all that stress has led to great results and to a milestone earlier this month that I already talked about...GRADUATION.

(That's my friend Rachel :) xx)

Having finished my Psychology undergraduate degree in June I applied for a Masters course with the University of Manchester which started last September.  Although this is also massively stressful due to the amount of work it includes, it is however an amazing experience which will hopefully lead me to greater things, one day maybe even abroad. 

In the mean time I am getting all the experience possible through my new employment of Learning Support Assistant in a primary school.  This is also a great thing of 2013.  I absolutely love working with kids, and even if this is just a bridge to what I actually want to specialise on, the experience is extremely precious to me also personally.  

Ditching the academic part aside, I get to the fun bit of this year.  In March, for my birthday, I had a small, but incredible trip, with my friend Rachel.  The best part about this trip is that we saw OLLY MURS (of which I am a massive fan) from front row in Glasgow (SECC) and we met him afterwards, got our CDS signed and a cute picture (^^).  We saw ONE DIRECTION (The best band on the planet, for which I also go crazy for) from third row in Manchester on the next day.  And the day after we saw The Script (I know a total change in style :p).  This has been crazy, and I honestly don't remember anything because I was so excited.  It was the best birthday ever, and a good way for me and my friend to unwind from all the final-year-stress.

 (we met lovable rogues too while waiting for Olly)

Last but not least, this year I finally came around doing something that I had been thinking about for a while.  And that is this blog.  Vogue My Stash has been for me the place where I truly connect with the passion and obsession of beauty and fashion.  I must come clean, it is not easy as I thought to maintain a blog.  A lot of time goes into it and for some blog posts a lot of research is also needed, but I enjoy every second of it and each night before I go to bed I take my time to work a bit on it.  Which serves as a good way to unwind. I have reached 104 followers which is so exciting.  So I thank you all for following, reading and commenting because you make this a lot more enjoyable.

Wrapping it all up, because by the time you will finish reading this it will be already 2014, I had a great run this year and I hope that this next year will be as great, I will definitely work for it to be so.  I am not the type of girl who makes resolutions that I won't keep but my only promise each year is that I will be the top that I can be so that this time next year I will be equally satisfied.  

I wish you all a great and amazing year filled with all the things that you want and aim for.  :) xxx

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