A/W 13 - Trend Series #5

Thursday, 7 November 2013
Today is the last episode of the pattern series.  We have been through tartan, baroque, animal prints and monochrome patterns.  But I saved the best for last. This episode is about my most beloved


Florals is my favourite kind of print, it looks girly, smart and chic. Something like this is so me:

(I have hinted before I love collars ;) ).  This dress can be made season appropriate by wearing it over tights and a nice pair of ankle boots and under a blazer...or a leather jacket would look nice.  

Bigger florals are even more in trend.  If you are not very confident wearing big florals you can try have the pattern on a blazer or something that you will wear over a plain top and a pair of jeans or plain trousers.  Like this Kimono:

New Look

This kind of garment is a great twist to an outfit that you'll wear for a place that will be a bit warm for long sleeves but still looks autumnal with its browns, oranges and cranberries; typical autumn colours. 

In a very similar tone of colours and print on this kimono is this velvet skirt.

First of all, velvet is a material on trend this season.  Secondly, how cute is this skirt?  With a shirt or a collared top (of course :P) I just can see it happening.  

And with that amazing print, the Pattern Series is over.  I hope I helped guide you through 5 of the most on trend patterns this season and gave you ideas were to look.  If there are any other prints that you are loving that I did not mention please share, I'd love to hear different ideas. I also would love to hear from you want blog-posts you want to see, so comment down below and let me know.  Bye :) xx
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