A/W 13 - Trend Series #4

Tuesday, 5 November 2013
Rain slapping against the window pane, a mug of tea, and a warm duvet is the greatest setting for blog writing. So, upon this autumnal inspiration I decided that I should finish the pattern series that I was more than half way through a month ago.  

This 'episode' may not necessarily be a pattern, but, it may be considered as such (depends how you look at it) and it is the hottest trend.  I'll stop the riddles and tell you what it is.  This is.....


To be totally honest I'm not really the black and white type of girl, I love colours in my outfit but I must say that I am indulging a bit more in this trend and then put the colour in the accessory. I also find this kind of trend to be a bit laid back and 'effortless' so I'd choose it more for everyday kind of outfits.

This is for me a perfect example of an everyday autumn outfit in this style.

Jumper  - New Look
Disco Pants - New Look

Very simple to create but yet bang on trend. And then, if you're like me and you don't like going all black and white something like this would look nice.  It makes the whole outfit a lot more fun and quirky :) 

Bag - ASOS

This would definitely be my look to use monochrome for.  If you have any other ideas about this 'pattern' leave a comment below. I'd love to hear all about it.  Thanks for following and for reading ;) xx 

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