My 10 Favourite Things About Autumn & Winter

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Today's post is a bit different, but when I realised that Autumn is already almost over, I thought I should share my love for these months and give 10 reasons why. To many Autumn and Winter might just be all about cold and rain.  To me it's about more than that, including fashion and beauty related reasons. Here they come (in no particular order). 

1. Tea is my favourite drink in the whole world and I never feel like I had enough of it, probably never will.  These seasons have "Drink tea!" written all over them.  I mean, of course you can still drink tea in Summer, but it is not as enjoyable in that heat.  So if you're a tea lover like mine and it also makes your Autumn and Winter bright and warm, then you should invest in a thermal mug so you'll just have it warm for as long as you like. 

2. As I probably might have hinted before, jumpers are my favourite piece of clothing.  So that is definitely something to look forward to in the Autumn and Winter months. I love styling jumpers in various ways; mostly tucked in skirts, over jeans, and over a shirt with the collar poking out.  They are good for layering up underneath to keep you all warm and snuggled. 

3. The bed turns into a warm, snugly headquarters with cute, thick duvets and quilts. There is not much to say about this besides "I LOVE THEM".  However, they do complicate matters in the morning when you have to wake up for work and the outside world is too cold to deal with.  

4. Bring on the dark shades and, this year, the cranberry colours.  I love these shades a real lot and its nice to use them in some make-up looks. I also love the dark lip which suits better at this time.  So they definitely are a reason for which I look forward to this season. 

5. Well, Autumn and Winter is definitely the time to bring out the coats and jackets, and this year having coats as a MASSIVE trend is surely the perfect incentive to buy more and more coats.  My thinking is that if a coat or a jacket is what people outside will be seeing, you definitely have to have different options. That's just an excuse my bank account doesn't like but the reason this is making my top ten.

6. This one is an all year round favourite but it's something I look forward to doing more in the cold seasons.  Movies become so much more fun when you can watch then in bed, or cuddled up with someone *wink wink*.  As this time approaches I start making lists of all the movies that I want to watch, especially when Christmas creeps in. 

7.  This may sound odd to you but I find the smell of rain very nice and I look forward to it each year.  I know it's funny but I just love that smell, I am always opening doors after rain so I can get a hint of it.  Nature in this time of year is really beautiful, the hues in the trees are so nice and I like forward to having picnics and many nature related outings when there is a nice day.  It may sound lame, but I do find myself appreciating nature a lot more at this time.  So if you've never really thought about nature, you should re-think and you see how incredible it is which is why we should take care of it (#motivationalmessage). 

8. Even though, ALL YEAR ROUND, skin care is and should be a daily routine but baths and cosy pamper evenings become a weekly appointment in the colder seasons.  Candles, a warm bath, a deep skin care routine and my favourite music to make the perfect evening to unwind after a whole week of stress.

9.  Each year when I'm transitioning my wardrobe from summer to winter clothes I'm always very excited to bring out my scarves.  Besides their function of keeping you warm, which is the most important, I also love them because they are a nice touch to an outfit.  That is why I have a good amount of scarves and I feel like I never have enough.  Different colours, different textures; just another thing I look forward to.

10.  Finally, I've arrived at my 10th reason.  But this might be the best one.....CHRISTMAS.  I LOVE CHRISTMAS.  It's a time to be with the family, to enjoy all of the nine things above, and a good excuse for shopping.  That time of year that I know it's just gonna be great, filled with love, Christmas music and pudding. 

For all of those who don't like these months, when you're sad because you might me stuck inside, you can maybe give yourself a relaxed pamper, watch a good movie and stay in bed all day.  And remember it is always....

3 comments on "My 10 Favourite Things About Autumn & Winter"
  1. Hi Rebecca! Really enjoyed reading this post; we share a lot of Autumn/Winter loves! :) x
    The Jolly Fashionista

  2. Hi Emma :) Thank you, that's great to hear ;) What do you love mostly? xx

    1. Christmas is definitely at the top of my list but other things I love include staying indoors and snuggling up to watch movies, hot chocolate is my preferred drink this time of year and I absolutely love dressing for the colder seasons as I have a great love for knitwear! x
      The Jolly Fashionista