Styling My Holiday & Tiny Haul

Sunday, 1 September 2013
As you know from my last post I went on holiday.  It was short but it was all I could ask for.  Some proper relaxation with my whole family.  I got to chill by the pool quite a lot but we also went around which means that I got to dress up.  

Whenever I am on holiday I feel like dressing up and all of that is a bit more special than when I am home.  Probably because I would have already chosen what I'm wearing while packing my stuff (even though I like taking options).  So, even though it's nothing special, I would like to share with you some of the outfits that I went with these couple of days. 

Top - Gift 
Necklace - Mum's closet ;p                                     

Shorts - Pull & Bear          
Glasses - Gozo Market   

Top - Primark 
Shorts - Primark
Bag - Accessorize

Dress - Primark
Glasses - Gozo Market


                                                    Sunglasses up close:
Fashion Haul:

Of course there was a bit of shopping included but I didn't shop much.  I just bought these three things which I will show you. 

This shirt is from Orsay and I bought it for €7.00 (£5.97 , $9.25)  It is a dip hem shirt with the front and collar made of a silk-like material and the back from t-shirt material.  The collar, button area and the bottom bit of the front are light brown and it has brown buttons all the way down.  

The reason behind this purchase, besides by love for collared garments, is because it is very light and can be styled in different ways.  It can be worn over skinny jeans and the t-shirt material back will help create the casual look or else it can be worn tucked in high waist skirts or trousers, maybe even under a blazer, for a more sophisticated look. 

The next item I bought is this black midi sleeves top made of crochet material.  I got this in a large size because I love such tops to be baggy.  There is nothing really special about it but that is why I liked it because it is simple and can be styled in various ways.  

This top was from SuiteBlanco, a Spanish shop, and it was €6,95 (£5.92, $9.18).  The next item was from the same shop for €7.95 (£6.78 , $10.50).

This jumper is made of towel-like material which is extremely soft.  It has this amazing crochet detail at the neckline which breaks the monotone and simplicity of it.  I loved how that detail makes it look sophisticated and smart and it would be really nice tucked in a skirt.  It is also very warm which will be very handy for the upcoming winter days. 

I know....I went a bit monochrome crazy but sometimes that is what you need for styling purposes. (I will link the shop websites down below).  Now with the holiday over and this post done we're back to normal routine, and soon back to work and study.  I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll talk to you soon.  R. xx 

Orsay -
SuiteBlanco -

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