Prepping For Work

Friday, 20 September 2013
Hey there! Sorry for skipping yesterday but I was very busy and tired this week as I started my new job.  Basically, I have been employed as a learning support assistant which will help me gain experience for my future ambitions and at the same time provide financial support for my current studies.  I don't want to ramble on about my job but to stay on theme I will show you two things I have bought to carry style with me there.

Of course, being excited for the new role, I wanted to go shopping and buy specific things which ended up only being two....surprisingly enough.

The first thing I wanted was a pair of black plain shoes that are comfortable and smart.  The choice of colour simply reflects my laziness in the morning to staying matching shoes.  I found a pair in New Look for €19 and they are nice because they are not absolutely flat but have a small wedge.

After a whole week wearing them I'm not going to say they are the most comfortable shoes in the world but they are not bad either.  And they do look very smart and professional.

The next and last item I bought....well not really I bought, it was a treat....was a bag.  Given that I wanted this bag to take with me to work I wanted it spacious but not too big as I will be carrying a lot of other stuff.  The chosen one was from Parfois and it was around €34, I'm not sure because not I bought it ;)

This is not the colour I have (couldn't take photos because my camera is not working).  Mine is navy blue, which is my favourite colour and the colour of the season.  (Disclaimer: I removed the heart because I didn't like it that much.) And I can vow that it is PACKED....I'm planning a 'What's in my work bag' post don't worry.

Sorry again for missing yesterday and if this was a bit pointless but I wanted to share with you my special purchases. Talk to you soon. xxx
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