A/W 13 - Trend Series #2

Sunday, 15 September 2013
Hey There! It's Sunday again and this is the second episode of the Pattern Series for Fall '13.  Last Sunday was the first of this series starring the tartan print.  The print in trend I chose for today is the....

Baroque Print

Comfy Baroque - Prints on trousers are very however I am not very keen about them as my legs are not my favourite area to accentuate.  However, when I was going through the websites to make the coming looks I fell in LOVE with these trousers and I would definitely wear them.

Even though they are patterned they are very wearable because of their dark colour.  Matched up with these flats and burgundy jumper they make a good outfit for school or a casual stroll with some friends.  Very laid back, yet very chic and sophisticated. 

Baroque and Sophisticated - Personally I think that he baroque pattern on it's own is very sophisticated and elegant.  When I think of the pattern the first thing that comes to mind is a nice dress donning this pattern that will bestow on the wearer the elegance of a true lady.  See what I mean...

A dress that expresses swift and lightness, embracing the baroque in it's upper body lace.  I love the neckline and sleeve cut, I think it highlights the characteristics of the era more.  Perfect for a wedding or a party.  The nude court shoes and clutch bag accessorise the outfit nicely without taking all of the attention from the dress.

Snuggled Baroque - As fall and winter is approaching we start equipping our wardrobes with the comfiest, softest, and warmest jumpers.   I for one cannot imagine my life without jumpers...I just can't.  So maybe my next jumper, and your next jumper, will be baroque...hmmm...

...Yes I think it might be in baroque print.  Keeping it very casual, low key and comfortable but still in trend.  A good outfit for school, shopping day, casual outing, meeting friends....anything really.  The shoes and bag can help you dress it up or dress it down as you would like.  Also, you can wear the jumper with a skirt instead of a pair of jeans, which will make it an even better night-out outfit.  

I hope you enjoyed the three looks I've created and maybe I helped you get some ideas if you're into this print.  It is a lovely print and there are so many ways that you can wear it but it would be never ending to go into all of them.  Please comment if you have any ideas or tips for styling this print. 

Take care. xxx
2 comments on "A/W 13 - Trend Series #2"
  1. Some lovely choices! Even though we are putting out sweaters away in Australia, I've always got a soft spot for Fall!

    Kate Xx

  2. Thanks! So, now it's going to get hotter in Australia? I really want to come one day.