A/W 13 - Trend Series #1

Sunday, 8 September 2013
Hey there! Unfortunately Summer is coming to an end but this is the time to equip ourselves with the latest Autumn/Winter '13 Fashion trends to make next season a stylish one too.

Today I am launching the Pattern Series which will take place over today and the next four Sundays.  Each week I will bring to life a pattern that is in trend for A/W '13 through various fashion combinations and styling tips that I like.

Today's pattern is.......

Tartan/ Plaid

For those of you who don't know, tartan or plaid...as you like...is a print made with boxes, like a check board.  I created three different style combinations using this pattern. 

Rebel tartan.- The rebel and punk style is revived next season and tartan pattern is perfect to create this kind of grunge look.

With this look I would roll up the shirt's sleeves and leave it open over the dress.  It is a very comfortable, laid back look perfect for casual outings. 

Old School Tartan - Old school style is still with us...thank God.  This is my favourite style ever, especially because of the collars.  

The reason behind the shirt in this outfit is, of course, to pull the collar over the jumper for a further old school effect.  The colours of the tartan pattern in the skirt are also very old school and retro.  I would probably tuck the jumper in the skirt but it depends on how high waist the skirt is and how thick the jumper is. 

Business Tartan - No one said that you can't take fashion trends with you to work.  The next combination is a perfect way of showing this. 

This monochrome tartan pattern adds up some spice to this classy and professional look.  I would wear the shirt tucked in the skirt.  I chose that bag purposely to add a touch of colour in the outfit without being too much in one's face.

Of course, there are so many other items that you can get with this pattern, including accessories, that this is not enough representation...BUT it would take me ages to go through everything.  So these were just some of my favourite looks to create with it and outfits that I would definitely wear myself.  

I know that you would probably create something unique and in your own style but I still hope that I helped with my ideas.  Please feel free to comment with any styling tips for this pattern that you like. 

Take care. R xxx
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